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Basic core workout to heal back pain

by Anshuman Sen

Hi, my name is Anshuman Sen. I used to be overweight and obese and have lost 25 kgs in the past 5 months. I had to lose weight because of my lower back pain as suggested by the doctor. If you want to read about my story, read here. This blog contains workouts to heal back pain. 

Overtime I have realised that there are many around me who might be benefited by my story. There are many misconceptions about diet and workouts and because I could get my results by the following three things

  1. Diet
  2. Home workouts
  3. cycling

I thought, why not share this for free at one place?

I have multiple ailments which I guess a lot of you might be suffering from. I suffered from lower back pain (read L4/ L5 sacralization. Basically two of my vertebrates are fused together).             

I read up and also consulted my physiotherapist and realized that lower back pain can be taken care of by working on the core muscles. There are a lot of muscles which make up the core, however, for simple translation and understanding, the core is our abs. So if we work on our abs and lower back muscles we can take care of our lower back pain and spine issues. Also, a secondary result of this is beautiful 6 pack abs if you really want them.

So here are a few basic workouts to heal back pain and strengthen your core muscles. Over the next blogs, I would talk about a lot of variations that you could do to help you gain better core strength.

Oh, you could watch the video here in English and here in Hindi on how to do this exercises.

Basic Core Strengthening Workout


          I am a huge fan of planks. I can’t really do a lot of crunches because of my lower back issues and neck issues. I feel the best way to do core workouts, core strengthening workouts as a cyclist, is planks. There are multiple variations of planks, I would give you the most simplest of the planks that you can do workouts to heal back pain. I would recommend that you start with a stopwatch because you would want to increase your endurance over time. So it’s pretty simple, you could do this anywhere, you could even do it in your office, like I’m doing it in my office.

  • Forearm Plank:  Forearm plankwhat you need to do is go on the floor, go on your elbows, try to keep your body straight, don’t dip too much or don’t take it too high. When you go in this position you will realise that you’re feeling some pressure around your abs and that’s what you would want to do. Breathe easy, you don’t need to increase your breathing pace. Just hold it here for as long as you can, preferably around a minute. If you can do lesser no harm. Start off with as much as you can and slowly try to increase 10-15 seconds a week. So this is a lower plank workout to heal back pain and strengthen your core.


  • Raised Plank:

    Raised PlankThe next variation that you can do for a plank is raised planks. All plank workouts help heal back pain, however some things are much better with variations. How would you do that? Go on your palms instead of your elbows, in the similar position. Try to get your arms right below your shoulders, don’t try to go too low or too high. When you are in this position you can start feeling a bit of pressure on your lower abs and that’s what you want to do. Hold it over here probably for a minute. This will basically work on your upper abs and lower abs.


  • Side Plank:Side PlankTo strengthen your lower back there is a very good exercise which is your side planks. You lie down flat with your hands below your shoulders, go on the elbows and hold it. You would be roughly looking at a minute. Don’t let your hips dip or go too high, try to keep them in the same position for a minute. You can keep your other hand straight, it’s perfectly fine. There are multiple variations for this which we would probably see as we progress, but even if you can hold it on the side it would strengthen the lateral muscles and you will surely feel the pressure in the lower back which would be a nice workout to heal your back pain. Well, do this for the other side too.


  • Bridge :

Bridge PlankLie on your back on the floor with your face up, with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground.  Do not keep your feet very close to your glutes. Spread them a little from the body but not too far. Keep your arms at your side with your palms down. Lift your hips off the ground until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line. …Hold your bridged position for a couple of seconds before easing back down. 

       That’s about it for the basic core strengthening exercises and workouts to heal back pain. Thank you.


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