Cycling to Work During A Pandemic

Cycle to work During COVID19

India is finally emerging out of the close to 2 and a half month stringent lockdown. Businesses and organizations are slowly limping back to work partially with many social distancing norms. My organization too opened up around two weeks back and I instantly looked at my cycle as my mode of commute.

Let’s Get it straight- Cycling after 75 days of inactivity is not easy

One has to remember that staying under lockdown and no physical activity for more than 70 days would most certainly affect your cardio base and endurance. I was not living a very healthy life under lockdown. No routine and time for meals, very less sleep, I was in fact staying up most nights either studying and learning new things or working.

Read how I prepare and manage my cycle to work.

Day 1 of cycling those 24 kms to college (Yes I am a Professor) with the multiple small hills and the major climb at the end was treacherous. The Pune summer heat was not forgiving. Nor only was I super slow (took 20 minutes extra than my usual), I even managed to end up with a slight fever with the exertion.

Lesson learned, please start slow and do small rides. This wave of let’s use cycle for commutes will need some basic fitness levels, let’s build it slow and easy. If your office is nearby, within a range of 10-15 kms and the route is flat, then you can surely start.

Hot Cycling

To Mask or Unmask

There is a raging debate around the use of mark while working out. There is also news of a few people ending up with a burst lung. Let me share my own perspective.

Let me be very honest, whatever be the rules, it is impossible to deter drivers and motorbike riders from spitting on the road. Over the last 2 weeks, I must have seen hundreds of truck drivers, bike-borne people spit while driving. It is definitely scary. If not Corona, there are many other things that these spits might carry. For my own safety, I do wear a mask. I do however take it off while on the hills or wide roads.

Do’s and Don’t of Cycling During Pandemic

Here is how I would like to summarise my personal learnings

  1. Start slow and easy
  2. Use a mask, but with care
  3. This is probably not the best time to set records
  4. Keep hydrating
  5. Get something to eat.

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