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Triumph Gel Padded Cycling Short Review

by Anshuman Sen
triumph gel cycling short

Triumph Long Distance Gel Padded Cycling Shorts

Like every novice rider who starts cycling, I too had gone through my phase of having many questions and hunting for ideal and the most cost-effective cycling gear to purchase. So I decided to start this series on trying out various gear available online and reviewing them.

Which Cycling shorts to purchase is always a big question for all cyclists. Especially if you are heading out for a 100 + km ride and would be spending 5-6 hours or more on the saddle. Butt pain and saddle sores hit every endurance cyclist and no gel seat covers are not a good idea.

Gel padded Cycling Shorts

If a cyclist is looking to spend more than 4-5 hours on the saddle then one would be looking at gel padded cycling shorts for sure. unfortunately, gel padded cycling shorts do not come cheap and can burn up a big hole in your wallet. I have been spending significant time on the saddle doing 200 + km rides very often and had been looking for something which is good as well as cost-effective.

triumph cycling short

I was recommended the Triumph Cycling shorts by a long distance endurance rider who has done more than 500+ km rides wearing these.  I finally mustered the courage to order them from Amazon and was pleasantly surprised at the fit and the quality.

Triumph Cycling Shorts

  • 150 density quality 3D cycling gel pad
  • 100% polyester dry fit material
  • Imported quality lycra
  • Reduced chaffing
triumph gel cycling short

Personal Opinion

The fit and finish are neat and the quality of the Triumph cycling shorts are good.

The Gel padding was found to be thicker than the more expensive B’twin gel padded cycling shorts.

Did a small 2-hour ride and found the shorts to be comfortable.

At just 1600 it is cheaper than most of the other options available.

Order from Amazon here

triumph gel cycling short
triumph gel cycling short
Anti Slip

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